I am considering buying a pair of high-end rangefinder binoculars but am finding it hard to find anywhere local to go and actually try them. I need a pair with long eye relief as I wear spectacles all the time but Northamptonshire has a dearth of Swarovski, Zeiss and Leica suppliers who have them in stock for viewing.

Furthermore, to buy them from a shop would cost me a great deal more than buying them online and I don't want to mess a dealer about by asking them to get a pair in for me to try and then walk away and buy them elsewhere - not really cricket!

So, to get to the point, has anyone in Northamptonshire got a pair of Zeiss RF, Swarovski Range or Leica Rangefinder (the latest ones with an SD Card) binos that I could arrange to have a look through, mainly to check out the eye relief? I would prefer them to be 8x42 or 8x45, not 10x.

Just a quick thank you to R K Stockcraft in Stony Stratford who offered to get a pair of RFs from the Zeiss rep for me to try but I cannot bring myself to take advantage of the offer and then buy them online for 300 less!