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Thread: Scott country yes uttings no

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    Thumbs down Scott country yes uttings no

    Thumbs up for Scott country but not for uttings,I ordered a new scope on Sunday last they sent me a e- mail confirming my order then another saying it had been dispatched, on Monday another e- mail saying they've cancelled my order as not in stock no alternative offered and they've still got my money! Is this common practice when selling items. It maybe I don't know? Then they send me another e-mail of special offers including scopes do you believe bazil

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    Is it a case of automated ordering ? I've had dealings with both companies and have nothing but praise for them both ,I would agree in giving them a hard time had they messed you about big time I'm sure if you actually speak to someone this can be resolved very quickly and your monies refunded .the fact they sent you a list of specials leads me to believe they want your buisness talk to them in the morning .if I was ordering something of great value I speak to personnel .

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    Never had any problems with uttings

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    I've always found Uttings to be reliable. atb Tim

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    I've had no probs before its just they've f***ked me on this one, if my money is not in my account by Monday il phone them in the morning thanx ( bushwear?) bazil

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    I have Uttings charge for all items in the order but only send half of them. Luckily it was only some inexpensive stuff that got omitted but no joy trying to get them to correct it. After that experience I've never ordered from them again.

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    I won't buy from Uttings again, great service until something goes wrong then ****** useless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murray50 View Post
    uttings are great and so are bushwear
    I have had good service from Bushwear as well. I have yet to order from Scott Country as they want to surcharge deliveries to the Isle of Wight which Bushwear, Uttings and Sportsman don't. For the benefit of those suppliers that don't know Royal Mail & Parcel Force charge mainland UK rates for I.W. deliveries.
    atb Tim

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    My problem when ordering items from majority of on line firms is they don't read the comments upon the order.
    Due to courier firms taking items back to depots which are no where near my delivery address, I ask for the post office to be used.
    The sorting office is local and items can be collected on the way to work the following morning.
    Every one seems to ignore that request so I end up spending hours trying to contact courier firms to re arrange.

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