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Thread: Altberg boots

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    Altberg boots

    I'm in the market for some new boots , a lot of the lads on hear rate the altberg boots , and I love to buy British where possible . So I'd like to try them . But I have once concern , all thier boots are lined with sympatex , not goretex , is it just as good or not ? I mean will it keep the water out if I'm stood in a stream?!
    ​Cheers all !

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    I've stood in loads of streams in mine and they've never leaked.

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    I had a pair I used when I was armature terrier man - they were very good, although I use lowa now, however that is due to availability, and I find them really comfortable

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    Superb boot and warm and 100% waterproof but........mate tried to order a pair last week they took the order and delivery was october yes October apparently very busy ! That was 9 1/2 so a well used size .

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    I have always found sympatex more robust than goretex, so I shouldn't worry.


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    Very good boots and the lining is just as good as any gortex, I have had a couple of pairs of peacekeepers and found them as good as Lowas.
    John bull at catterick always seems to have a good stock in if there is a big wait direct from altberg.


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    Altbergs are good boots, I've had a few pairs although I'm led to believe some of them are also made in Italy now but this could be wrong.

    I also think they may do a 'Hunter' version with high rubber rand but am sure it's special order or something. If you can be bothered to go to the factory they used to do made to fit for a wee bit more, by wee I mean 20 or something but that was mid to late nineties.

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    Altbergs all the way for me, have been using them for over twenty years in service and now in shooting; mountains, 'the hills', tundra, jungle, desert - the lot.
    One piece of advice, buy a size larger than you need (so 9.5 becomes 10); as many only come in medium width fitting; call them, they are exceptionally helpful, and don't want a returned pair of boots that don't fit. Currently have the Bergen Scout boot in olive having replaced my Warriors after 15 years.

    My other boots are either Le Ch Chasseur wellies or, in the summer when very dry the Altama Jungle boots; had them for 7 and 17 years respectively.

    Great service, great boots. I have had Danner and Lowa in the past, but Altbergs suit me best.
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    I've decided to edit my rather negative post because it relates to nearly ten years ago, and by all other accounts Altberg do a good job nowadays and my problems are a thing of the past.

    The gist was that I ordered a pair of custom fit boots that never fitted properly despite repeated attempts to correct them. They also botched the repair of some expensive climbing boots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickoShay View Post
    One piece of advice, buy a size larger than you need (so 9.5 becomes 10); as many only come in medium width fitting
    Don't do that. Boots either fit properly or they don't.

    If they don't have a last that fits your feet, "walk away"
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