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Thread: 243 sierra 85 grn

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    243 sierra 85 grn

    Shot 4 roe this weekend with these bullets all was good shots and all ran 60/100 yds two of them I thought at first was missed ?? But knew I hadn't, plenty of internal damage and no meat damage so game dealer happy, anyone had any experience with them

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    I use them with 37.5g of Varget(when you can get it) , found them v.accurate and effective on deer and foxes-great bullet

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    85gr #1530 bthp !just started to use them at 1680 foot pounds! .5 group but not used any on mr fox as yet still streching them out passed 100yrd on paper try n140 !useing 37.3gr not chronoed yet but its say thay are 3100fps
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    Using 37.5grn of N140 very small groups out of r8 Blaser

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    Im using these with h4350 42.5 grains , I have shot 3 roe bucks so far one dropped on the spot desroyed the heart , the other two was lung shot s and ran 15 to 20 yards each so far im pretty impressed also using the hornady 87 grain sp and they shoot the same poi so I might try them out to .

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    I use them with 36 grns Varget in my CZ very accurate with good stopping power . Have used them on Reds and Fallow but not as much as on Roe, very happy with performance.

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    I am currently using the 80 gn blitz under 45gns of win 760/h414 and have to say I am very impressed up to now, they flatten foxes on the spot, and I have shot two roe and a cwd with them and all dropped on the spot without much meat damage, which did surprise and please me as the blitz are billed as a varmint bullet, but I think the jacket is tougher than the blitzkings, in the same way that the 100gn prohunter and gamekings differ in jacket toughness.

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