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Thread: Mauser M03 Barrel return

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    Mauser M03 Barrel return

    well i'm going to have to return my .243 barrel to the place of purchase this week. i just cannot get it to group satifactorily especially from a cold barrel. I've tried and spent a small fortune on different ammunition from different makers incuding federal, rws, and norma. Has anybody else had this experiance?



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    Oh my god ! Not Again.
    Who is Mauser's stable mate ?

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    Do you have other barrels that are ok with the setup ?

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    Scope off as well?


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    i'm yet to zero in the .308 which i will do on tuesday with a different scope.

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    At 25 metres both your barrels should be shooting a ragged hole without a scope. That's your only "true" indication as to the barrel.

    The rest, well that's to do with your mounts.....


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    I was told by a Mauser manager to ensure the barrel mounts were dry after oiling as it could impinge on the rifles accuracy, just a thought. Other than that as Stan says.

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    Thanks for your replies as you can imagine i'm quite put out i thought i was investing in a quality piece of german engineering.

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    whats the group like? Stringing, going anywhere, or just not that tight?

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