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Thread: Bullets found at a house - Daily Mail Sensationalism (again)

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    Bullets found at a house - Daily Mail Sensationalism (again)

    Had to laugh, especially at "what if the cat had brought one in"

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    Despite the thousands of bullets that were found, the police did not feel the need to evacuate the couple
    Now that is hilarious

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    Feck me the underwater search team was also unavailable .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    I've got to get me a garden pond, seems like it's not just money that gets chucked in!

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    The only good thing about the article was that lil blonde police woman... tell her to pop round with her hand cuffs

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    Harrumph...load of xyz but at least they got their pond drained.

    I grew up amongst a cluster of airbases from WW2 and the place was littered with "stuff" from 303 to 50BMG (inc guns if somewhat rusty)...never batted an eyelid.

    I can remember a mates mum doing up her house and discovering an old ex-air defence position complete with ammo. I can't remember what we did with the shells.

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    so WTF is a 2.2 mm round i saw a few 7.62 some shorts maybe a 556 and a .22mag lots of .22 rimfire but not 7.5k of machine gun ammo !! saw 5 old bill and 1 c.i.d prob others maybe even dive team bet that cost £thous to drain that size pond !no rspca on site looking after the fish and bugs!!!
    thay would fall over if thay dug around the thames and our foreshore we often find bits and bobs thay would need to shut off my corner of the uk down for years let alone a yank ship full of ww2 bombs etc still if it ever go's ! off surfs up
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    I'm not colour blind, but it was good of the paper to tell everyone what colour the gloves in the (colour) photograph are!

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    The biggest danger to their friends children is the pond .
    i know witch i would sooner leave a toddler unattended near.

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    What is a machine gun bullet? With very rare exceptions they are just standard rounds that can also be fired from an automatic weapon! The police must be very sharp to tell the difference!
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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