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Thread: Could be a long night

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    Could be a long night

    I've got a gwp bitch that I have put to Benc's gwp as advertised on here and sitting here mid labour but so far all is going well, up to 5 now and they are very lively puppies 3 bitches and two dogs so far. All weighing between 12oz and 16oz the largest being a brute of a dog pup that had all legs going as he almost pulled himself out. So far so good but its looking like an all nighter at the moment.

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    Good luck mate been there not lng ago and it is hard work christ ifd i could have pushed also i would have.

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    I might be lucky but I had reservations as she is just 6 now and had visions of it being a nightmare but she has seemed to hardly need to push much, the first which was a big dog pup took the longest but even that wasn't long. The rest were very fast once she started contracting and all lively as soon as they were half out, if this is it then its been a straightforward one but I don't like to tempt fate.

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    Well after an hour and a halfs gap another one turned up followed by one half an hour later so it seems 8 is the final tally and seeming pretty content this morning

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    Looks to be a good lot Al4x1.Glad things went well

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    Glad it all went well and that the pups are strong and feeding hard. 8 good pups is much better than a huge litter with some rough ones, looking forward to seeing the photos as they grow.

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    They are crackers Ben certainly nice and vocal when they want a feed but pretty contented at the moment, I'm very happy with 8 as thats almost a perfect number for her to be able to look after and not drag her down too much. He has done a good job and I'm looking forward to keeping a bitch as a combination of the two dogs should be good fun.

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    Very good to hear it all went well.

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