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Thread: Molasses Feeders

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    Molasses Feeders

    Anyone got any plans / idea's for a molasses feeder, pref something that releases it slowly over time but enough that the deer will come often ish ?

    Atm I just our a 5L tub out, onto the salt licks, the moss on tree's and a fallen log about knee height, I have activity on my game camera for about 2 days then once its all gone they seem to leave it for a bit

    Thinking of something that might drip out or something that would be worth coming to visit more often and I wouldn't need to go up there every day , cheers

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    You could try a ball system that is used for cattle. You mount it in a plastic drum and the cattle lick the ball to take the molasses.
    Rumevite 'Adapdaball' Ball Feeder Cattle Husbandry Equipment

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