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    Thumbs down Larsens

    Bit late for this year i know but anyone in the market for a new Larsen next year would be wise to avoid these people - 'UK Traps'. Got one of their top catch models this year to try them out with a view to buying several more and they are cr*p to say the least!! the powder coat finish is very poor and the weld mesh used is 2" allowing the call birds to get wedged/stuck and also weasel/stoats to have a free for all when the traps on the ground! pointed out these failings but they didn't want to know stating 2" is the standard used, i don't think so, submitted a review via their website but no surprise to find this has never been published... avoid at all costs!

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    strange, I've just gone over to 2" mesh on my larsens (which I make myself ) and found them marvellous - rigid, light, cleaner, kinder on the call bird and much less visible than the timber and chicken/ rabbit wire ones I used to use.


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    I agree, they are lighter but certainly not kinder on the call bird, the smaller call birds on several occasions got themselves trapped by poking their heads/body out and wedging their beaks in the next mesh along and due to finding several call birds headless due to weasels i ended up mounting the trap on some board a few feet off the ground which seemed to do the trick. I had better results all round this year with my old timber hand made versions, horses for courses i suppose..

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    Made mine out of 25mm galvanised mesh, slightly larger than normal, never had a a treat and carry ok


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    odd, I've not had an ounce of bother with the call birds. Trapping's a funny old thing! I do build my larsens very big, maybe that makes a difference?

    No excuse for poor service tho. That company seems to have a similar range to a company which folded a year or so back, the chap's name isn't Ian is it?


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    Yep, 25mm mesh is what i've used in the past with half inch on the floor if i had any knocking about... it could well be a size thing, spoke to a guy called Jeff? could be the same bunch under a different guise..

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