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    Fired Pins

    Need help in finding out where I can obtain fired pins or caps? , hi all I have been given some old brass without firing pins in !!! As I make cuff links out of the brass heads would really like to put some pins or caps back in for looks really , anyone know where I can get some many thanks steve

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    you mean spent primers?

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    What cartridge/calibres are we talking about? I have loads of used primers in large rifle and large pistol size you can have.

    Moving to reloading section.


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    we can help you out feller but are you a shooter or a cufflink maker ! we don't mind , like csi i have lots of used large primers and or fired cases tell us what you need even have old 12gage shot shell primers or i can knock some out with me little old mech 600

    may be a bit of barter !!
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    I am a shooter for sure !!!! Now trying to make it as a cuff link maker lol I need fired primers for .243 and .22 250 at the moment please

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    Oh and any brass cases don't matter what size !!! Thanks Steve

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    send me a pm feller as said like a bit of barter only got used large primmers 3k new small and lots of old cases 7.62 .243 308 etc send me the thing and a wish list i'll see what i'v got to help you out

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