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Thread: Minox bino's Vs S&B 8x56 and a question at the end

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    Minox bino's Vs S&B 8x56 and a question at the end

    yesterday i was out after a fallow buck , anyway no luck as only a few does appeared. as it got darker the moon appered (with lot more deer)and it was light enough to see the deer on the field on this wounderfull moon lit night .

    i sat a watched the deer feeding and listening to the bucks grunting for a few hours , it was that bright i could clearly see the deer at 9:30pm with your eyes and had a great view through the bino's and scope and a shot if allowed would have been 100%, deer were 130-170m away

    the moon got obscured by some cloud and it got dark i checked again and could clearly see the deer and make out all parts of it with my Minox 8.5x43 but when veiwed through the S&B 8x56 all i could make out was a brown blob with a possible head at one end , i swapped and changed bins and scope every few seconds and was amazed at how much more detail and clearer the Minox bins were that the S&B

    i am not moaning about the S&B as it was dark and the S&B is not a night sight but the Minox far exceeded it in very low light

    if i got my math right the higher the number for the size of exit pupil the better
    1/ S&B 8x58 = exit pupil of 7
    2/ Minox 43x8.5 = exit pupil of 5

    so on paper the S&B should be better or is it as its a bino and you are using two eyes they are diffrent ?if you know the answer i would love to know , and Minox bins ROCK...............neil

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    Minox bins

    I'll second that for Minox. Minox sometimes have ex demo for 1/2 new price,that's how I got my 8.5 x 43,very good value.
    but none there at the mo

    tartinjock was also saying on another thread that he may have same for sale


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    With bins you are feeding both eyes, not just one, also, your eyes are much closer to the ocular lens, so less light "escapes" out the sides.

    Also, Minox are the dogs ********, put a set of 10x42's up against similar Swaro SLC's recently, the Minox were at least as good.

    If they start to produce scopes the German big three will pucker up....

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    thanks for the reply and answer...neil

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    The key to this is that both eyes are involved when using the binos. There is something in our psychology or physiology (is that the right word?) which means that an image presented to both eyes will always appear brighter than the same image presented at only one eye. This is not an area where I have any specialist knowledge and so I can't explain it any further than that. However, the bottom line is that you have to make things a lot brighter through a scope before they will have the same definition or brightness as through the binos.

    I have exactly the same setup as you and have experienced similar effects as a result. Minox are now producing a sort of "super" HG bino that are a lot of money but I wonder how they can make them better than the HGs. However, this may mean the end of the HGs and a few reductions in price, someone posted on here a while back that they were available in the UK for less than £400 and at that price I would consider a 2nd pair in case they do withdraw them as I can't see how their high end stuff can compete unless it is truly exceptional.

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    As a follow up anyone interested in Minox binos should read the following post, it looks like even the HGs are in for a big hike in prices:

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    Can you tell me what model you where using, as I am looking at getting a new pair of binoculars at the momement.



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    minox bins

    I use minox 8.5 x 43HG. Sportmansguncentre have them but I reckon you can get them cheaper,check above posts.
    Until fairly recently Minox were part of Leica; my guess is they will try hard to get into the market and are worth watching.As claret d says above if they start making scopes...


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    same as PF 8.5x43HG outstanding bins for price

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    My mate got a set of Minox’s 3 years ago I looked though them and could not believe how good they were, I got a pair of 8.5X43HGs for £310 from the USA, now two other syndicate members have dumped there Ziess binoculars to buy Minoxs, that is 4 out of 6 in my syndicate using them.

    Best rgds


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