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Thread: 308,lee deluxe rifle dies,

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    308,lee deluxe rifle dies,

    Hi all.
    This might be a bit of a long shot[no pun intended]
    but as the title says im after the or nearly new .so what you got

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    Not Lee but I have a set of Redding Deluxe dies in .308 (FL, NK and Seater), not really bothered about selling them but could let them go for 60% of the new price (whatever that is) plus postage if it would help you out. Glyn.

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    Hi stotty

    ive got a brand new set of lee .308 dies if your still after them think they might well be the deluxe set would need to check when I'm at home tomtomorrow let me know if you want me to check


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    Hey, do you have these .308 dies still? I'll take them if so.


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