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Thread: Sikmalcs Gold,Silver and Bronze

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    Sikmalcs Gold,Silver and Bronze

    Well,where do I start.(this will be long)
    The weekend had been planned by chance and fate.My good friend was due to fly back from Dubai,and both being very keen anglers we were to arrange a fly fishing session for the weekend at Bewl water in Kent,with me picking him up at Gatwick airport,driving down and fishing for the weekend.

    Of course,in the region was Sikamalk,so after not much persuading I quickly arranged some stalking.
    We set off on Malcs ground and instantly started to see deer,with a cull buck showing himself,then just moving ever so slighlty into some wood,we double marched through the gate hoping he would move through and out onto the open field.
    As we got to the other side we quickly set ourself up and waited,when we saw a walker diverting from the path and along the hedge towards us,our plans I thought ruined.
    We both set off towards him,with Malcolm giving him I thought a very kind bollocking,and he was genuinly remorsfull for cutting accross the field and apologised if he had ruined our evening.

    We quickly made our way back to the gateway and as we got there,the buck had taken 1 step and half his body was just peeking through the edge of the wood,shoulder,neck and head,then,he was off,so back through the gate again to see if he woud come through and out onto now the other side, sure enough he was stood some 60yars away,when Malc said shoot it,shoot it,Malc was just in front of me,and had to duck,I didn’t have time to set up the sticks and took a shot off the shoulder and he dropped on the spot.Happy days,he played peek-a-boo and we had him result.

    As I started to gralloch, Malc said there’s some deer moving,we saw a buck opposite us,oblivious and he was a cracker very dark thick bases which we were later to see again and thought to be a bronze,then a pair of does made an apperance,slightly further up the field,with a small buck in tow and then,the feeling like the world came through the back of my arse,what I can only describe as 1 of the biggest bucks I have ever seen.
    Absolutely huge magnificent animal,the first we saw Malc indicated he could be a bronze,but this other beast was a monster,we watched,inbetween me carrying on to gralloch and could clearly see he was a definate silver pos gold,with another good 4-5 inches of white tips than the other we saw.

    Then, my weekend just got got a whole lot better before it began,in another field on our way back,we noticed a roe,just it’s back to begin with then,sweet jesus,I kid you not another buck showed himself dwarfing the other two,then came the feeling and I nearly creamed my pants,this buck was much bigger than the other two,and we could have shot him 20 times over,what a privelage,tripping over deer in glorious sunshine,they were everywhere.

    Honestly guys,who evers lucky enough to get onto this or the other ‘s that we saw,will have a head of a life time,gold,silver and bronze all within a few fields of each other,and all more or less showing in the same area.

    On the fishing front,my mate and I had an awsome time at Bewl,well into double figure fish,all on nymphs with a few P.B broken with quality fish taken all day,and we could see deer as we drifted in and among the more secluded bays and a great end to a great weekend.
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    You must be a proper deer magnet..

    Everybody knows Malc dont have any deer on his ground

    Well done guys, try and be at Malcs when im up for a cwd

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I would say your story is hard to believe, but having been on the same ground just last weekend I can believe it all. It is quite remarkable the number of good deer he has running about. When I had the tall silver in the crosshairs for several minutes my heart was beating like crazy. That adrenalin rush alone made the trip worthwhile. Congrats on the buck.


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    Nice one Gelert, i got a phone call telling me you had got one and what you had both seen. A sight you will never forget in a long time.

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    When that old syrup fitter was on the phone to me telling me all about it, it was a lot more "colourful" description than yours

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    When that old syrup fitter was on the phone to me telling me all about it, it was a lot more "colourful" description than yours

    Slight more f.... bombs when we saw the first two bucks,we did actually try and get around the second animal,I think at that time Malc was teasing me,when we got a better look at him,and although we were 200+yards away he didn't see us but he just knew something was up,then the last buck we saw was just huge and honestly,what a difference in three animals.
    Having been fishing since I can remember I can only say that they get big by not getting caught,and of-course the big ones are never stupid,the fact that these two came out while I was gralloching just goes to show,lady luck is one mistress you can't compete with whatever the out come.

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    Looks like all the cull bucks have grown into medal heads!! I'm down malcs in a couple of weeks I hope you have left some for me! I know how you feel I had the cross hairs on a monster untill Malc shouted in my ear Don't Shoot
    ​for a second I thought I was going to give over my car keys well done on your stalk

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    Makes me happy and ready to go out soon....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done Gelert
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    Well back from Finland and a relaxing holiday with some good friends, and now work

    I have a client for this weekend for a medal head, so we will see if lady luck shines upon us, fingers crossed
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