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    A quick hello having registered on here a couple of years ago and never got involved. I have recently moved down to Norfolk from East Yorkshire where I was lucky enough to be in a syndicate managing 13,000 acres of Roe Deer stalking. Now I have lost all of my (reasonably priced) stalking and have to start all over again, building up the contacts ! I own a .300 WSM, 7mm-08, 22-250 and .17 HMR, the big fella has just been acquired for a plains "meat cull" hunt booked for February in Namibia ! I have had my DSC 1 for many years and am looking to do my DSC 2 as soon as time and contacts (here in Norfolk) permit. I have shot all UK deer species except Fallow and have been lucky enough to shoot (or attempt) boar a couple of times in Germany & Scotland. Looking forward to the banter and exchange of experiences and information on here. I know a few folk on here already from the Yorkshire Syndicate, John Thornley (OBE), David Brown & Sprags. Regards Tikka 7mm-08

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    Welcome to the site, I make that one post per year or thereabouts lets hope you can up your tally

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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