Hi All,

I'm nothing to do with this company but just thought it was worth passing on my experience.

I bought a pair of MSA Sordins last year and sods law, having been on this forum saying how great they are they developed a fault. I'd bought them through amazon so I went through my old emails and found that they'd been supplied by http://www.starkeyheadsets.co.uk/ I called them (Starkey) expecting to get absolutely nowhere, it's nearly 9 months since I bought them, only to get through to a really helpful guy who was very apologetic and gave me their returns address. I boxed them up and sent them back, again not expecting much only to get an email today to say that a replacement set will be with me tomorrow.

I know this is as it should be, but my experience recently has been that when buying things of the net you get a good price on the understanding that customer service will be pretty much zero. It seems that with these guys you get a really good price and excellent customer service.

​I'd definitely use them again.