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Thread: is it me?

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    is it me?

    This is not stalking related but as I'm not a member of another shooting forum I thought I would pick your brains.

    I've been looking to shoot clays for a while and while my gun is being fitted and before I kick off I've been looking at skeet vests, now is it me of are they a lot of money for what they are!!

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    Yes they are but when i was shooting competitively I found it really helped with gun mount and routine , you only buy it once remember ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Prefer to wear the same clothes for any of the shotgun shooting, and I prefer a waistcoat type jacket whenever possible, so I bought one that would do for game or clays (a leather Deerhunter thingy that was going cheap). As said above, wearing the same gear helps with consistency of gun mount etc.
    Dunno what your budget is like, I agree the prices for some stuff is excessive, but second hand and last season stuff is a good option for quality gear without the inflated price tags.
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    Yes they aren't cheap especially as some are nothing more than astring vest with a leatherette patch.

    As said a vest will help with consistent gun mount but is not vital I still prefer to shoot in my game shooting coat (a to warm in this weather mind).

    Have a look on the the sportsman gun centre see site they do some great deals at times.

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    I shoot a lot of clays,and i think the skeet vest is important as well as a good pair of glasses with interchangeable lenses,
    also i buy top of the range base layer thin clothing so your gun always fits the same,summer or winter

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    yup thay help carry your shells and it helps with mount

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    I have the same, and it's excellent
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    I have a dark green one which does for warm walked up days, pigeons and clays. I think that they are generally made to quite a high standard, because a pocket full of shells weighs quite a bit, so they have to be strong and fit properly.

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    Digweed wears a t shirt and has a cartridge belt bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by R8 user View Post
    Digweed wears a t shirt and has a cartridge belt bag
    Would that we could all shoot like Digweed! Still he would need a fairly large size as well.


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