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Thread: First Buck For A While

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    First Buck For A While

    Went out for a Stalk earlier this evening just to see if there is any Roe Bucks thinking of the rut,I got to my first field which is a small 2 acre patch on the edge of a small spinny and the first 40 ish yards under the hedge has not been cut but the rest of the field has been cut for silage.I climbed up into a double bank hedge at the top of the field looking down to the wooded area , i got comfortable and rested my sticks and rifle down beside me as i thought it could be a while before anything showed.I got my Buttalo caller out of my pocket and thought i would give it ago as it was a warm heavy evening and i thought there might be a chance of a High Hormoned young Buck about, i gave one squeeze then another and like a bolt a Roe Doe came charging out of the uncut grass and galloped towards me she stopped 50 yards away ears pricked forwards and then back wards trying to hear my squeaks, she ran back to the long grass and into the trees so i guess she had 1/2 youngsters there as she had a full udder of milk,i was hoping there would be a Buck close by so after half an hour i gave another squeak and as before out she came again in full flight up the hill towards me she hung around for 20 minutes and then back to the woods, after she had disappeared i left her in peace and went to another Farm close by.After a short drive i parked in a lay by outside the field i was going to sit and wait to see if my luck was in on this Farm, i opened the gate a walked the first field and then through another gate to the field i had high hopes of a Buck putting in an appearance, i walked under the hedge and after 5 minutes i saw a Brown back of a Deer just over a mound in the field i never knew if it was Buck or Doe because the head was down and it was feeding i waited with sticks down at the ready close under the hedge but when a head popped up it was another Doe,i gave a quick blow with the Buttalo just to see if she was attended by a Buck she just lifted her head looked my way and carried on feeding i gave another blow same again no interest not like the first Doe, i the got the cherry wood call out and 1 blow and she came straight at me like a mad dog she got to with in 15 feet of me and stopped waving her head from side to side trying to make out what she could see under the hedge she stood for maybe 20 seconds and then down across the field Baking as loud as she could just to let every other Deer around know that there could be trouble about.I then walked back to my Truck and made my way to another Farm close by after parking in a gate way and walking 1 field i saw 250 yards away a Buck walking down wind of me and he kept putting his head in the hedge and nibbling bits of plants he was unaware i was in his field every time he put his head in the hedge i inched abit closer three or four times until i could get a safe shot he stood for a second or two and that was enough as i pulled the trigger and he dropped to the ground.That is the first Buck i have seen for nearly 2 months now and i know there were others on my permission but with the dense cover and the fields full of Cattle they are not showing , i have been out at first light and last light only seeing the Does but strangely i have not yet seen a Fawn.I would say that the Rut down this way has not started yet although one or two other stalkers on other Forums say they think it is starting in different parts of the country.

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    Great read mate
    Thanks for the share

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    Nice write up, thanks for sharing!
    But the rut should be still a few weeks ahead...?
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    ​Great read Owen -thx for posting​Andrew

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