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Thread: Colour variations in roe

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    Colour variations in roe

    I'm sure this has probably been done before, but how common are coloured roe? I shot this buck 3 years ago, never seen another like him since, he was rutting well after all the others had finished (September October time) no antlers present but was fit and healthy and a good covering of fat.
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    It's a bit hard to tell in the photo but he looks a very light, sandy coloured, is that correct? I have only seen one really light coloured/near sandy roe which was also a buck in NE Galloway. I shot him as I thought there was something up with him (liver) but he was actually in fine nick when I processed and weighed the carcass. Certainly it is not as common as in reds where you often get a light or yellowy coloured beast (from differing pigmentation rather than poor health that is) In roe the only other variations I have heard of are a dark doe in Wiltshire and the well documented white ones. Never seen any variation if sika either.

    When you say 'no antlers present' had he cast early or he hadn't grown any/only pedicles/no pedicles? I wonder if any of the aforementioned could be related to his pigmentation.

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    He is snow white to light grey all over, not sandy or any shade of 'typical' roe colour, the first time I saw him in the distance I thought it was an escaped sheep! He had buttons in somewhat malformed configuration rather than proper pedicles, testicle were fine too.
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    He does look rather unusual I must say.I know that you can get White and Black Roe and these have been documented on a number of occaisions.Genetic oddities or maybe even the type of food in the particular area,mineral deficiencies??

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    Sorry, yes can see it better now. The white and skewbald roe (and photos of) I have seen are snow white/snow white patches, never seen a white/grey one. Very unusual, a 'silver' of another, even rarer kind!

    I think before we thought it might be 1 in a 1,000 with roe.

    It's too much of a coincidence his antler and pelage oddities isn't it? The vets might confirm or not.

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