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Thread: BASC Carcase and Butchery Course

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    BASC Carcase and Butchery Course

    Hi Folks,

    Has anyone been on the BASC carcase and butchery course? how did you find it? was it worth the money?



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    The carcass and butchery courses are limited to a small number of venues. The trainer works with small groups of up to four candidates, so you will all get hands on experience. The feedback we are receiving is excellent with all evaluation forms stating that the aims of the course were covered fully and that all aspects of the course were excellent.
    Dr Peter Marshall
    BASC Sporting Services

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    Hi simon

    The one I attended couple of years ago was really good, four guys and the butcher, really helpful hands on stuff, if nothing else it gives you a boost on how to up your game on making the most of the beast, now all I have left over is the bones on a beast, everything else is put to use.

    You won't be able to take it all in on the day, but the best part is you can spark up to the challenge when required and learn more as you butcher more deer and before you know it, things start to look tidy and your friends ask where do you get your venision butchered rather than an odd look at a pile of meat in a bag you've just given them, they now ask for more.

    Have now started doing my own burgers and sausages just to finish it off, highly recommend a butchery course if your interested in retaining your own meat and enjoyable learning something new as well

    Go for it



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