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Thread: .17 HMR Effective range against fox

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    .17 HMR Effective range against fox

    Question for the HMR users, a friend is thinking of getting a rimefire mainly going to be used on occassional fox. What sort of range will it take body shot foxs at. He is not experienced so head shots very unlikely.

    Most likely to be used out of the 2nd storey windows of a large farm house overlooking idea foxy ground on route to their very free range chickens.


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    its not effective plain and simple. I use it for cubs but recently shot an adult dog at 60 yards in the neck. It was still alive some minutes later. It is my honest opinion that for the effective range of the 17 on foxes he would be as well will a shotgun and 65 grams of 1's.

    One proviso would be wether non ballistic tipped .17 bullets would be better. The ballistics are simply too prone to exploding on impact and not putting the fox down. (not every time by any means but too often)

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    The 17 HMR is not a "fox calibre" however it will certainly kill them. I can't remember losing one when using the 17 and the best was 110 yards. however the vast majority have been at 75 yards or less. I'm not talking many, probably about a couple of dozen. All were chest shot with Hornady 17grn. I don't head shoot as a foxes skull is pretty small. One behind the front leg does the job.
    However, as I said, this is not a true fox round.

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    They won't put a fox down as well as a centrefire cartridge but I have never had a fox run more than say the average roe may after being hit in the engine room by a .243.
    not all deer drop on the spot they were standing when hit so why should we worry if a fox doesn't. I have always found it to be a very effective tool against Charlie.

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    I don't think the HMR is any more forgiving of less-than-optimal bullet placement than the .22LR (and if I had to choose between the two, I'd probably pick a.22LR with segmented subsonic hollow-points (40 grains) over the HMR (with 20-grain HPs) and try to get the range down to below 70 yards). IMO the most fox-capable rimfire is the .22WMR, with either the Hornady 30-grain or Remington 33-grain polymer-tipped bullet.
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    22 wmr is the way forward for your friend.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    As usual, if your mate can hit the sweet spot it's going to go down no problem. The 17HMR has enough energy at ranges up to and beyond 100 metres to put a fox down. I have never had one move more than a few feet when shot with the .17 but I haven't gone beyond 100 metres either. Tell him to buy a good squeaker and bring them in close and the fox will be no more!
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    I stick to a maximum of 100 yards-normally well under if it's further i whack them with the .243

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    I limit my shots to under 80m and have been happy with the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    22 wmr is the way forward for your friend.
    A far better option for foxes than the HMR. You don't need a sweet spot just middle of the ribs and they don't go more than a few feet. Wish I'd not sold mine.

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