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Thread: Early Season Roe Bucks - Good Start

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    Early Season Roe Bucks - Good Start

    A good start to the 2013 season in the South of England. Some good bucks, interesting hunting and fantastic shooting. I am looking forward to the rut and hope it turns out a good one as there is certainly still plenty of good bucks out there.


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    Some nice bucks, I like the one on the right that looks like 7-pointer and a malform next to it

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    Have they all been retained to be measured, or have they all fallen to you personally?!? Some nice heads, the one in the middle at the back looks tall and thick. Given its lack of colour, I take it he fell very early season, or have they been late cleaning off in your area?


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    Nice one Alex, you did say you had some nice bucks certainly some there. DF

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    Glogin, yes that 7 pointer is a special buck, it was one I hadn't seen before and was taken by an Irish friend, I was a little bit jealous.

    Novice, some have fallen to my rifle, some clients and friends. I will retain some of the heads for measuring I would expect about 10 to make medal. Yes this was the best buck 550g net and 150 CIC. It was taken in the first few days of April by a Danish client, I would have preferred to leave it to colour more however it's hard to say no to someone when that walks out. Taken now it would almost certainly score another 7 - 10 points more.

    Thank you DF. I hope you are well!


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    Wow and Waidmannsheil!
    That looks like a very productive ground...
    I got impressed....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Nice, and I enjoyed looking at the rest of your photos also.

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    bloody hell alex, i will keep dreaming lol

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