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Thread: Decent 4x32

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    Decent 4x32

    I have spent 2 days calling every shop advertising a 4x32 or 4x36 and each and everyone was trying to sell something they don't have in stock
    So what have you got lurking in the cupboard ?
    Looking for a nice scope in as new condition, Zeiss, S&B, Kahles or Meopta etc. cash waiting for the right scope.
    (may consider a small variable from one of the above makers)
    I need the scope as soon as possible, going away with rifle next Monday at 6am, need scope fitted and zeroed by then.


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    After nearly 30 phone calls I have finally found a new Meopta 4x32, with the ranging finding reticle at a very attractive price, it is now on it's way to me.


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