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Thread: Trail Cam question

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    Trail Cam question

    Can someone please tell me. I have a Bushnell cam and it's the one that glows red when triggered. The ones that have the blacked out LEDs look good but do you still see the LEDS when triggered or are they completely invisible? Now I'm not talking about deer seeing it but humans. I think there was a thread that showed that deer can see it, but I want to use it for people spotting as well but don't want anybody pinching my camera if they see that they have been pictured.

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    humans will not see the black leds , but the deers seem to sometimes spot them how i do not know

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    Thanks 223. That's the answer I wanted.
    Cheers Paul

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    This was a Bushnell with Black LED's I this badger may have spotted them.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    human eyes see 840 nm IR as bright red when looking directly at them in the dark
    "black" IR is 950 nm and is not discernable by human eyes.

    but humans will quickly spot most game cameras.

    Your camera will be stolen unless it is well hidden ,well disguised and well out of reach.

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