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Thread: ATEC maxim

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    ATEC maxim

    I have just bought a sako 85 in .308 and I need to get the bush for my ATEC maxim drilled to the correct diameter does anybody know the diameter of a 85 barrel and how much clearance is needed from bush to barrel? I only have a tape measure so not very accurate
    cheers pete

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    I don't bother with the bushing
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Same will only mark your barrel.

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    I also own a sako 85 stainless synthetic in .308 with an a-tec maxim, and got the bush lathe cut at 0.680" this gives mine a good fit whilst not binding on the barrel, mine at this point measures 0.670" so I allowed 10" oversize this works really well and while some might think 10" over might be excessive it guarantees no marks on the barrel while screwing mod off or on, so assuming your barrels identical size to mine 0.680" might do just fine but I honestly think you should measure your own barrel just to be sure first, this is easily done with a vernier caliper gauge good luck.


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    Take your rifle to the shop that you are buying the mod from and get them to lathe it out for you it shouldn't cost you anything.
    If you got the rifle and the mod from the same shop better still.

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    I get the bushes turned a bit big & apply a couple of turns of electricians tape to the barrel. This stops marking the barrel & allows a snug fit of bush to barrel. - Best of both worlds.


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    Did mine with a hand ream,don't worry about marking the barrel not unless you want a posers rifle.

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    No need for the bush, As advised by jacksons i have used mine for a couple of years without one, no problem. cheers Geoff

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    Surely the issue is not marking the barrel but altering the harmonics if the bush touches the barrel!


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    I have ordered a bush from Jackson rifles with the correct size hole, thanks for your help

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