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Thread: honda 300 wheels

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    honda 300 wheels

    As per title , has anyone any front and or back wheels for
    a big red 300 , and also one for the experts , what is the widest
    size i can put on the rear tyres and do spacers put to much strain
    on the bearings , thanks in advance arron.

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    Hi mate I have a pair of wheels and tyres off the rear of a big red that I broke for spares for another , I will look in the garage and see what size the tyres are if this will help you ,

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    cheers brian that would be great , thanks arron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mactrax View Post
    Is it 2 or 4wd?
    Its a four wheel , but got call today off a guy who may have a set local, but not confirmed yet , thanks arron.

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    Got a set , thank you brian and Mactrax for your help , atb arron.

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