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Thread: aya no2 stock wanted

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    aya no2 stock wanted

    aya no2 s/ej stock wanted please or info where i may obtain one, atb ray

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigeonbasher View Post
    aya no2 s/ej stock wanted please or info where i may obtain one, atb ray
    $125 here

    but you might need a friendly traveller coming from the US to bring it?
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    The part is shown on the AYA website:

    Maybe the importers (ASI IIRC)could help.
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    From past experience ASI are in the region of 2000 for a no2 stock some people can make you one for closer to 1000

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    Is the original stock past being repaired then ?


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    We may be able to help! Pm sent!

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