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    Trail cams

    Looking at buying a trail cam . Anyone got any advice or recomendations on makes ?! Prices etc ! I have seen the ones that send emails but have they actually been proven in the uk ?

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    I recently bought one from a seller in the States off Fleabay, a Bushnell model that I couldn't get yet in the UK, and it came within a week, all taxes paid etc, and about 50 cheaper than older models still for sale here.
    Doesn't do emails though.
    (p.s., would I have spotted your motor coming out the back of Dunecht towards Lynne of Skene recently ?)
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    Cheers . Na would not have been me am never up that way .

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    Believe it or not the lidl ones made by bresser where suprising and at 69 an absolute snip !

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    If you go for the Ltl Acorn trail cams, they have options to text/email, but you'll need to find out if your location is suitable - See

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    Been into a few lidi/aldi and they have all be gone . Thanks for the link Phil Ross I wil check it out

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    i picked up a bushnell trophy cam hd. very good quality. very impressed with it especialy night time videos.

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