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    If they are discussing it that openly I would assume they Do have a night permit. If so, it would have been granted for a good reason. So what is the problem? How can a person shooting on his own land with the correct permission be greedy? If you as a stalker had your own ground, would you let people shoot your deer? I doubt it.

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    I honestly don`t think that lamping deer is that unusual now, licensed or not. Poachers must be at work at night time especially in the "easy pickings" areas like mine.
    I recently picked up a 100 acre permission for rabbits only. There are deer there, i saw a group of 4 and a pair a couple of days ago.
    I went there lamping rabbits last night, as soon as i shone the lamp over one field the deer ran like hell. The permission is off the main road but the deer are as nervous as hell. Are they lamp shy?

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    Yes i do have my own stalking, a fair bit in fact,on my stalking ground i also control rabbits and foxes,and a good job i do so much so that i have been asked three times this year if i would like more land to shoot over for deer and the vermin but i have declined because i would not have the time to do a proper job,then again i could get a night permit,no thanks i will only take on what i can handle,give someone else a chance,sure sometimes night shooting is the only way,but i know where this land is and there is no reason why it should not be done durring the day. Did i also mention good fun was mentioned. No i don.t think anyone shooting deer at night would find it to be good fun.Yes Basil your deer are lamp shy. on one of my grounds deer see the lamp and they,re of on another where i know there is no poaching the deer will continue to feed while i shoot bunnys with a .17Rem often just moveing to the other end of the field.

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    for this discussion to go any further then i feel we need to know names and actuall situations of these so called BDS members as to what conditions and licences they posses and reason why they hav to participate in such activities
    hear say from your mate means jack in reality as he probally never heard the whole conversation anyway just picked up on bits he thought were interesting
    sorry for being blunt but this is people's reputation on the line aswell as a sport that i partake in and believe in
    not to be ruined by hearsay from a mate of yours that i don't even know to my knowledge, in a gunshop that i hav never heard off
    now lets get real and hav some real facts please

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    Not a chance,believe it or not thats up to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by rh120
    Not a chance,believe it or not thats up to you
    discussion closed then

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    Who or where no chance it was overheard yes but an interesting part don,t you think,take what you want of it

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    I was slow with the last post. CLOSED

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    Quote Originally Posted by rh120
    Who or where no chance it was overheard yes but an interesting part don,t you think,take what you want of it
    I fear you may already have inadvertently 'named', as there can't be too many BDS qualified head measurers in Scotland in your area, which is easy to locate from previous posts.
    As Stone said, it is too easy on this site to 'name and shame' people without knowing all the facts. Bringing someone of that level's reputation into disrepute will more than likely come back and bite yer arse!

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