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Thread: Trying to use this site in android is tricky

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    Trying to use this site in android is tricky

    Trying to use this site in android is tricky. This text box isn't always visible.
    I've been trying to reply to a pm from Monkey Spanker er, admiring his good fortune and wondering how that could be allowed to happen.

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    It doesn't work that well one my htc one x either but I put that down to operator trouble. atb Tim

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    mark forums read button doesnt work on my samsung galaxy

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    I seem to be able to use it ok on an iPhone, just a bit slow.
    Been thinking about Tap a Talk, just not sure if this forum works on it ?


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    works great with Blackberry
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
    works great with blackberry
    +1 :d

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