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Thread: Tweed suit Tailor's around n/w yorkshire.

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    Tweed suit Tailor's around n/w yorkshire.

    Looking to get a new tweed suit made for this season and was wondering if anyone has any recommendation for someone around the north / West Yorkshire , Lancashire area. Many thanks.

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    What size are you? I have a four piece tweed suit for sale. In as new condition. Made by Bertie Wooster's of Fulham Road, London. It's an olive green check pattern and is a 38-40" chest size. Had it made in the days when I was a racing snake .

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    How much do you want for the suit Gunner, and how tall/wide are you ?

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    Hi Yorkshire Lad.

    Try Hebden Cord at Hebden Bridge, that's in your neck of the woods. I bought a bolt of tweed from Hunters of Brora when making a short film about them for Grampian TV and got them to make me a suit for stalking. That was nearly 20 years ago and its still going strong although I have had the the plus fours patched and the waists let out slightly and about six sets of new buttons. If a little tatty at the edges it is serving me well.


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    Brian Holden at Knottingley West Yorkshire made mine. The quality is superb and he can make anything you want. I had some plus fours and a waistcoat made for about 200. He has hundreds of tweeds to choose from. 1995rs

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    I think Hebden Cord stopped trading several years ago.

    Best plan is to find a shooting estate and ask who makes their keepers suits. Isaak Walton is one that springs to mind but I think they're further north than Lancs.

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    Isaac walton makes ours there based in newcastle but will send ray there traveling tailor to measure you .brillant suits


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    Carters Countrywear in Helmsley make ours, Jeremy Shaw comes out and does the measurements and fittings.

    Good lad and good suits!

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    If Harrogate isn't too far for you Rhodes Wood make some really nice shooting suits.

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    If your paying yourself and don't mind off the peg then bob parrott cheap and pretty good quality with a small range of colours does me and looks smart .

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