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Thread: Steiner and GMK - excellent service

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    Steiner and GMK - excellent service

    At the end of last season, I managed to scratch both lenses on my Steiner binos whilst climbing over a barbed wire fence. Whilst protecting the Crown Jewels, I wasn't concentrating and boy - was I upset.
    This accident, coupled with the awful weather which resulted in a lot of lens cleaning over the season meant that I decided to return them to Steiner via GMK for a service/repair visit.
    The binos were nearly three years old, but were returned with the lenses repaired at no cost.
    A pleasant surprise - I really thought they'd say that the damage was chargeable.
    Well done Steiner and GMK. Excellent service.

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    That's interesting. I scratched one lens on my Steiners whilst climbing into a high seat and was considering getting it repaired but wondered if it was worth the hassle. Did you just ring the contact number on the GMK web site?

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    I rang GMK and spoke to someone who was very helpful. Sent the binos back to GMK and they sent them on to Steiner. Return took about 4 weeks.

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    That's good to know. The dioptre adjustment on my 8x30 Predators broke a while back -it's only made of plastic - and I wasn't sure what to do about getting them put right. Not the greatest binos, I know, but lighter than most, and it would be nice to have them fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rutland lad View Post
    I rang GMK and spoke to someone who was very helpful. Sent the binos back to GMK and they sent them on to Steiner. Return took about 4 weeks.
    Thanks for that. I'll give them a call.

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    I had a problem with my Steiners. The eye cups came loose and were spinning freely meaning the side flaps were never in the right place and became a nuisance. I rang GMK. They were fine. Took them back without a quibble and sent them on to Germany under warranty. 5 weeks later the Germans sent them back exactly the same as they were before. I've given up. I've got a house on the market and if it ever sells I'll get a pair of Swarovskis and be done with it.

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    GMK Service

    Another Big for GMK (Halina) -
    In April 2010 I lost one eye cup from my Bino's but found it months later, in the interim I had Googled Steiner and found a contact for UK Service - I e-mailed them and heard NOTHING.
    After reading this post I wished I had known off & contacted GMK at the time (Google let me down!).
    Last week I actually lost BOTH eye cups and e-mailed Service again - But tried GMK too.
    within the week GMK have ordered and despatched a pair off eye cups to me - WITHOUT QUESTION OR FINANCIAL CONCERN.
    Oh, the STEINER SERVICE LINK did respond, apologising for not responding to my 2010 e-mail and advising that the eye cups are available at a cost of £11.40 plus postage & VAT........
    So a £30 Thorntons Gift Pack heading to GMK for their service - - - Get NOTHING.
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