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Thread: To clean or not to clean?

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    To clean or not to clean?

    Or better put - To pull through or not to pull through?

    I've just purchase a 17hmr for taking on rabbits and was reading some pages on the web that was discussing loss of accuracy after cleaning the bore of these rifles. I will wait until I put more rounds through the 17hmr before worrying about that.....

    But what about the larger calibres with moderators?

    I have a .308 with a moderator and I have always wondered about the logic of pulling it through after firing it each time because it means removing the moderator. Most people I've met say the rifle will need a check zero after removing and re-fiting a Mod because it never goes back on exactly the same so moves the zero pont.

    That said I can't pull the rifle through with the mod on otherwise all the crud will end up in the mod (T8 so can't dismantle it).

    Just wondering what other do for cleaning when they are using moderators and how badly does taking the mod off and on affect the zero?

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    17 hmr i pull through with a bore snake every 50 or so rounds or accuracy drops off. 308 and 243 i occasionally give a clean every few months or so (i stalk and lamp once or twice a week) i also move the mod between the 243 and 308 with no change to zero.
    best thing is to try the moderator thing for yourself then you will know for sure. regarding cleaning, i suspect you will get several different answers. my cleaning regime may horrify some (my uncle for sure, he cleans bore after every trip that he fires a shot) but my guns shoot straight


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    some old stuff on cleaning and boresnakes! like anything on here, believe it if you wish, but just remember some people spout total rubbish

    my cleaning regime is still the same as it was then, although if i do get the urge i use butch's boreshine and wipe out with meths - cant get the hoppes copper stuff anymore. now running .223, .243 and .308 on dirty barrels and they still shoot bang on every time (even the tikka!)

    hope you find it useful.

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    I agree with Pete, I swap the same moderator between 3 different guns anf don't experience any change in zero for any of them. As for cleaning when the accuracy starts to go it is time to clean, well for me any way.


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    Me personally clean the HMR every 25 rounds with a bore snake or groups open and shoot high.
    all c/f rifles proper clean every 20-25 rounds unless molyed heads then 35ish.
    then foul them before going to the field.
    Heres a group I shot in the week with my sako 75 22/250 which is 8 year old and cleaned as above.
    My usual load only a different head.
    I must be doing something right with the cleaning!
    Note clean barrel flyer.

    range was 130m off bipod. 2 clicks right ready to go.
    the squares are 10mm.

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    to clean or not to clean

    How many rounds are you firing on a stalk? I have a 22-250 voere with a Moderator. I clean every time with a bore snake after use. I may only shoot 3-4 rounds on a stalk because its the Foxes I am after and after 2 or 3 of those going off everything hits the holes.

    I never take the moderator off every time I use the rifle, theres is no need. My moderator comes off about once every 20-30 rounds.... for a wipe out only. It then takes a couple of sighters to re-sight it back on target if I am that fussed. I have never seen more than a slight variation in the aiming spot and mark after having done so... I mean if its 5mm off after a clean at 100m so what? I am not shooting at mouse sized brains.

    I suggest you pull through each time after a day out to avoid barrel powder corrosion & use a good spray beforehand ............
    legia spray is very good and all will be well.

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    Always clean after use as all my rifles have proper steel barrels and don't want to leave any fouling in them that can then attract moisture and thus cause corrosion.

    But I only use the rifles every few weeks rather than several times a week.

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    On your .17HMR , all the cartridges sold for this cal are charged with a powder called "LI'L GUN", its not the cleanest burning of powders, & in the shorter barrels most of the crud ends up in the moderator (if fitted), after 50 rounds or so I have to dismantle my SAK mod & dig out the trash, on refitting, an instant improvement in noise reduction is noticed, I also move a full bore Wildcat mod between .270/7mm without problems in p.o.i., as to cleaning of rifle bore, everyone has a different take on it, so you will find with your own tack, Steve.

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    Here are some details of how top accuracy shooters and barrel makers clean their rifles.

    There is some agreement among them but also major differences! They agree on minimising damage to throat and crown but differ on cleaning regimes, frequency of cleaning and whether fouling shots are necessary or not.

    Worth the read although quite long.


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