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Thread: What would happen if...

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    What would happen if...

    Does anyone know what would happen to a roe deer head shot from the front with a .243, with the bullet connecting with either the tip of the nose or the point of the jaw (ie. somewhere in the snout rather than brain case).

    i have had a heated 'discussion' about this- I suspect the animal would walk away, to die painfully some time later. My interlocutor claims it would kill the animal without doubt.

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    I read an article some time ago, could have been something BDS anyway it was about the dangers of poor head shots and this indeed had some nasty pictures of deer that had lost bottom jaws etc and had died sometime later of malnutrition. Very sad and very bad form.... Hope this helps the cause.

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    I suspect the result would depend on bullet type.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    I suspect the result would depend on bullet type.

    ​100gr soft point.

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    It could easily go either way in my opinion. If the head was slightly turned the chances of wounding are much higher. If it was straight on and the bullet was of solid enough construction it might push through to brain or atlas joint.

    The reason I say this is that I shot a roe buck high neck with a .243. I had a good, solid rest and he was facing me straight on and dropped to the shot as expected. When I got up to him I found my shot had gone slightly too high, divided the lower jaw perfectly in the middle and carried on through to the neck. I found the remains of the bullet in the atlas joint which was destroyed.

    It obviously wasn't a problem on this occasion but I considered myself very lucky and have opted not to take similar shots ever since and don't mind copping some flack on here if it helps others avoid a nasty mistake!


    Edited to add: bullet was a 100gr soft point
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    Thanks very much folks.

    So the next part of the argument: assuming it didn't kill the animal instantly, would the shock knock it out - the argument is that it would be similar to a boxer getting punched on the point of the jaw?

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    Id say that if you are not 100% up to taking head shots dont do it, if you need to take head shots get some professional training.
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    IMO With the deer head on if the round was central (even low down) it would hit the deers spine and hopefully kill the animal instantly, however if the shot wasnt central the shock may still kill the deer but could also just badly damage its jaw or snout, if the shock didnt kill the animal it most likely would suffer a painful death through starvation bloodloss or infection. Side on head shots are even more dangerous as you could take the snout off the animal, again as above the shock alone may kill the animal but could also have a slow painfull death

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