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Thread: CRB Checks - Now DBS Checks for a new job

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    CRB Checks - Now DBS Checks for a new job

    Good morning everyone,I have an upcoming interview for a non-teaching position at a local school. I was just wondering if being a holder of both a FAC or SC would carry any prejudice? I searched the threads but didn't find anything relevant.Thanks.

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    I have not mentioned my FAC/SGC when having a CRB check done. They seem to get sorted quickly

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    I'd have thought it should go in your favour... Surely as you've been looked at pretty closely to determine that you are a person of good character to gain your SGC & FAC, that would be seen as a good thing.

    However, it's nothing to do with the school and the role that you'll be filling, so...

    Good luck with the interview either way

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    Supply the information asked for, no more and no less.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Holding an FAC or Shotgun certificate has no bearing whatsoever with regard to obtaining a DBS disclosure - it's simply not information that is requested on the form as it is not deemed relevant to any judgement on whether or not you might be a fit and proper person for the role in question.

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    it's not important and won't show up

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    I've worked under CRB checks for six year's never been a problem.
    I may be wrong but I'm sure it doesn't show up. It works solely on convictions not on unrelated issues.
    They don't need to no about it as it's confidential.
    You get a copy of your CRB the same as your employer and no where on mine does it state about firearms holdings etc....

    Good luck.

    Pm me number for further info.

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    I am a deputy head in a secondary school and see a lot of these through interviewing etc and can assure you it does not show up.
    good luck with the interview

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    Thank you to all your contributions, one less worry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Supply the information asked for, no more and no less.
    Most important this, Supplying more than asked for usually goes against you.
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