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Thread: The New Isuzu D-Max

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    The New Isuzu D-Max

    I thought I would post my findings of the new D-Max pick up from Isuzu.

    I have just bought a new D-Max its a 2.5 double turbo diesel,
    Great fuel economy of 38MPG not as powerful as the Navara but very nice to drive.

    3.5 ton towing

    5 year Warranty or 125k miles

    The main reason for the post was the fuel economy, I cant see by pick up trucks, for family, Stalking, Dogs etc
    the only main downside was fuel ,I must say at 38MPG I can cope with it now.

    If any one is looking to buy a pick up truck have look.

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    Are they still using leaf spring and drum brakes on the rear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Are they still using leaf spring and drum brakes on the rear?

    Yes Red dot, the brakes are a lot better than the Navara

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    I would have had a Jap pickup long ago but they break leafs and brake drums fill with mud and don't work or auto adjust as they should. Coils and discs would change my opinion on Jap 4X4's.

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    Had one since feb ,apart from fuel filter [known problem].its spot on

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    The guy who owns the garage that maintains the wife's Touareg wont have a word said against theIsuzu. He thinks they're great and even runs one himself. He specialises in 4x4s

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    iv owned 1 now for the last 10 yr and never had do a tap to it apart from services and tyres

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    Having rebuilt numerous Isuzu engines in days gone by, I would not have looked at an Isuzu after the 3.0 DOHC common rail was introduced, a disaster of a thing. Old 2.5, 2.8 & 3.1 were a far hardier motor. I hammered a 2.5 twin cab the length of the UK without fault, often loaded with 400 litres of oil and a hefty toolbox.
    I would have thought they'd have progressed past those engine issues by now though, although a couple of years ago, the workshop manager at the local agent reckoned he could keep his boys busy all week with Isuzus. I really hope they're back to the hardy vehicles they were, as it would be a serious option for those who wince at the price of a Hilux.

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    Having owned every breed of green oval , i took the plunge and bought the new d max back in november .....One word sums it up FAULTLESS good riddens landrover ..

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    38mpg is going some for a 2tonne truck,is that Isuzu,s figures or your own figures over a few tank fills

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