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Thread: first sika

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    first sika

    hi all went up north with neil gavin this week end just gone after a very long drive and 2 ferrys we arrived to meet neil at the b&b we got sorted had an hours sleep and out the friday evening

    we arrived at the forest to be welcomed by scottish rain (nothing new) neil gave me a rough brief of where to go and not to ect and time to meet bk at car and sent me on my way to a high tower while he stayed wiv a friend i took who had never stalked before so any way off i went there was signs of deer every where as i made my way slowley throw the forest i arrived at the tower

    after waiting what seemed hours probley 20 min i could hear deer running round to my left, the tower i was in way in the middle of a four way ride from where i sat stright in from way a ride going up hill to my left a tight down hill and to my right a small peace of clear fell and behind where i walked up

    any way im sure u will all no what i mean when i say when u looked at sum thin so many time its like a photo and some thing was not right on the ride in front some thing was different bino,s up i could see a head of a young stag looking nerves slowly moving out from cover at which point rifle came up! again what seemed an age it presented me a clear shot
    so wiv that the peace of the forest was gone filled wiv the noise of the 243 hitting home as the peace was again restored there he was flat in front of me my first sika stag! i reloaded waited 10 mins and got down from the tower to find there was a stream and lots of other nasty thing to cross on the way to my prize any way when i got to the deer he was dead wiv a perfect shot to the neck

    at this it hit me it got to get this bk lol so after the fight bk across the stream and bogs falling umteen times it was a long walk bk down to the car thank god it was down hill

    i stopped at the point neil had said meet being lazy and wanted help the other 10 mins to the car and waited to see there out come of the evening

    after an hour and last light i could make out 2 shapes walking down a ride
    when bk the friend i took l looked very white only to tell me on there way to there tower thay had seen a red stag he was over the moon to of just seen it when neil said its was the biggest red he had ever seen in these parts from where thay had seen it only 40 yrds away he could not have had a clean shot and the fact of him shacking was not worth wounding such a great animal

    all in all a good week end

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    yer got pics on my fone havin trouble getting them from there to ere

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    Well done - it sounds like a great trip. I've not had the chance to stalk Sika yet so still have that to look forward to!


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