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Thread: Ballistics book recommendation

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    Ballistics book recommendation

    Hi All,
    I am looking for a book recommendation.

    What I am really keen to get my head round and understand is what makes some calibres more ballistic efficient than others.
    So for instance, .243 Win vs 6.5x47L the 6.5 is pushing a larger, boarder, heavier head from a smaller cartridge, with less powder, lower recoil and yet, it has greater long range accuracy, less affected by the wind and it is reputed to have the equivalent of .300 Win Mag ballistics. How is that possible, why is that possible

    Also.. Why is it some calibres produce greater "perceived" knock down power over other very similar rival calibres.

    Let me know your thoughts...


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    Brian Litz will provide all you need

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    Understanding firearm ballistics by Robert A Rinker.

    ​Top reference book.

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    All you need to know will be on the web, , i am sure it will bore you after a bit, is only so much you need too know

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