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Thread: What 12bore cartridge do you use on fox drives

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    What 12bore cartridge do you use on fox drives

    Last time I was passed a handful of RC50s
    the first fox was at 25yards and went straight down the second one was a long way off between me and my neighbour, for some reason he didn't shoot straight away.
    the range of these was impressive I'm off to buy some for myself !!
    what do you guys use
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    i use my old wildfowling stuff pre lead ban #bb's and # 3s just to use then up one in tubes 3/4 -full and i still have lots of sg 9ball buck mr red hates them

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    AAA s regards pete

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    Depends what ranges you are talking about.
    BB's or 4's for me please

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    no. 3 shot out to 40 yards no problems. but if you can borrow the 10bore and some BB's that just leaves a steam haze

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    I usually reach for the Lyalvale Express 36gramme AAA in winter
    If I was expecting to shoot cubs in summer it might be Rottweil waidmannsheil HV plastic 1's

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    i use my old wildfowling stuff pre lead ban bb's and 3s
    Not that I've ever been on a fox drive, but I carry a few such cartridges in case of fox. They're really quite elderly now.

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    As roedinator AAA's.
    ​Atb John

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    homeload AAA, potent to 60 yards.

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    RC 50s, 50g 3s in 3" magnum-great fox cartridge. Used alphamax BBs for years but went up to these last year and not missed the alphamax.

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