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Thread: Transporting rifles

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    Transporting rifles

    Just wondering what you guys use to transport your rifle when moving to/from/around land. Do you just put them in the footwell,or on the back seat. (Not talking long distances in a case, just the sort of daily, 5 mins down road or around permissions. I see in the states there are racks that hook onto head reast. Any one got any experience with these or other ideas??

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    Unloaded and in a gun slip behind the front seats.

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    I always unload and normaly take out the bolt.
    but i try to put it on the seat so it does'nt get knocked about..

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    Ref the usa it obviously depends on the State you are in but it if you have a long gun (rifle or shotgun) in the vehicle it can be mandatory that you have it visible hence the gun rack.Extremely bad idea here though I would think.
    For travelling here short distance I just keep in slip,unloaded and covered with a coat.For long distance I'd recommend hard (airline type) case fixed to metalwork of car like floor rings in estate car with a good chain,bolt removed and covered with a blanket.Best to check home office guidelines ref vehicles though.


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    On my way to stalking locally - rifle in slip, unloaded, with trigger lock in place and bolt removed (and in the bolt holster on my belt). Placed in back of car/truck and covered if possible.

    On my way up North - as above, but also padlocked to ring in floor of car using a steel cable.

    Call me paranoid if you like.......


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    Put it in the boot out of sight out of mind

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    Out of sight in the boot of the car with the bolt removed.Better safe than sorry

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