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Thread: "PIG RIG"

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    "PIG RIG"

    Hi All
    Probably should have put this in a different section.
    For anybody interested here's a pic of my new "Pig Rig" a moderated Blaser in .375 H&H.

    I shot in off the bench last night using a 250 grn Swift "A" frame and never lost the sight picture. It shot a 1.1/4" group on a very windy night using an old load from a previous .375 checked for length. So I expect much better from it.

    It will be sat up a high seat tonight after its first boar so fingers crossed.

    If I cant shoot them with it I can always beat 'em over the head with the moderator

    Atb Wayne

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    Nice set up Wayne, good luck tonight.

    By the way thats not o mod it's a bloody drain pipe


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    Looks like a wildcat can 8)

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    Very nice set up there mate. Good luck christening it tonight.

    That kind of looks like the back of my truck (well it would do if you chuck in a few sweet wrappers and some toys )

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    A few shots from that and you should be able to sit round that mod and keep warm........... well toasty !! Looks like flue pipe from my wood stove!

    Good luck for tonight, hope all goes well.



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    I see you have had a rifle fitted to your new moderator

    Will you be in your new penthouse high seat this evening Sir

    Hope it all go's well


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    plastic pig rig

    had to get that in before your old mate piped up from down below!

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    I saw that huge mod and though punt gun good luck and get the pics posted!

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    set up

    Very nice set up Wayne,good luck for tonight 8)

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    Good God!! I'm undecided as to whether:

    a. a flag comes out of the end with the word "BANG" on it,
    b. I should ask where you clip on the bayonet to make it into a pig-sticker, or,
    c. guess when you'll have to buy a new truck big enough to carry the thing

    All the best for this evening - can't wait to hear how it performs 'in anger'.


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