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Thread: multi catch traps

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    multi catch traps

    your opinions please funnel or ladder traps for crows and rooks thank you Graham
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    Do the business for either but you'll want a big 'un for rooks if they start to go in regularly.

    I have found the Larsen trap is adequate for carrion crows.

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    have been asked to clear crows rooks and magpies from a dairy farm yard i est around 500 in all
    had a larsen set with a magpie caught 38 in 7 days and not moved the trap once yet atb Graham
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    That's good going Graham
    You should do a bit of damage to the rooks with a big funnel or ladder trap in the right place and well baited.Reckon you will pick up a few maggies in it too

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    yeh i know never caught so many with out having to move it think il go for ladder type. A mate of mine in the boarders
    uses 4 pen sections with funnel walk in bits like a pheasent catcher might try that as well
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    Heard about the walk in ones but never tried them.Maybe one day i will.
    Good luck anyway,you can't beat a bit of corvid control

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    pheasant catcher style has worked well for me before. build it and leave the roof off and bait it for a few days, once their feeding away stick the roof on and away you go.

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