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Thread: Voere .22 semi magazines

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    Voere .22 semi magazines

    Two good condition magazines for a Voere semi auto. Can't quite remember if there's a ten and a fifteen or two fifteens, as I'm away just now and can't check. Rest of rifle scrapped.
    PM me if interested.

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    Make me an offer I can't refuse . Seriously though, maybe a tenner each ? I know they're a wee bit scarce, but I'd rather they were out of my way and getting used, as I've replaced the rifle with a good old BRNO.
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    Update, the two mags are 15 shot ones.

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    Hi Malxwal,
    Do you still have the magazines.
    If you do I would be interested in purchasing one from you.
    Can you let me know a price and how much to send it to New Zealand.
    ​Thanks GIPSY1

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    GIPSY1, you have a PM.

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    22cal Voere mags

    Hi Malx.
    Thanks for the reply but I have found a mag a bit closer to home.
    By the time I pay the bank fees,freight and the cost of the mags the cost gets too much.
    I don`t think you will have any trouble selling them as they are quite hard to find.
    Thanks again for the offer and best of luck.

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    No problem mate.
    OK folks, two 15 shot Voere .22LR semi auto mags still for sale...

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    hi are these still for sale? and how much would postage be to tunbridge wells do you think? just waiting for my voere to be delivered do these fit any model or are they specific? mine is a semi auto model 55 i think its the first image that comes up on google images when you put in 'voere 22lr semi auto'

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    Sorry sir, I've just sent these to member Eddoakley on here this week. Perhaps he would be willing to sell you one of them if you PM'd him ?

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