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Thread: lee presses

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    lee presses

    Just getting started at reloading I see the lee presses are alot cheaper than rcbs are they any good

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornwallmolecontrol View Post
    Just getting started at reloading I see the lee presses are alot cheaper than rcbs are they any good
    I dont know how good they are now but they used to be made of monkey metal and were very poor quality, a friend managed to break three all giving way at the toggel linkage.
    RCBS, Redding etc are definitely more robust and better made and will if not abused outlive the reloader


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    I have a Lee press and a Dillon. Whilst the dillion is a far more robust press, I have not had any problem with my Lee single stage and would not hessitate in recomending them.

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    I started with a lee single stage, and have no complaints.

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    toggle now fixed with a steel part instead of cast,atb wayne
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    may by a lee to start with then upgrade at a later date if I like it
    many thanks

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    The Classic Cast Breech Lock is an excellent single stage press and will probably out-live you!

    I have four Lee presses, the Classic cas Breech Lock, Cast 4 Hole Turret and two Load Master progressives. The two cast presses are excellent and never miss a beat, the Load Masters are a bit of a pain to set up but once set churn out rounds at an alarming rate!
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    Firstly decide on the volume of ammunition your liekly to ever turn out then you can make a better decision as to the type of press you will require.

    The Lee Challenger single stage press will most likely fill most stalkers needs. Those whom break them are those whom I would not trust with any tools .............................................. just MHO.

    I had a Challenger press that I acquired used to go alongside the Lee Turret press I used for my pistol ammunition. I passed the Challenger onto a new reloader in Scotland, a Police Officer funnily enough who was starting to load 22-250 for Foxing, when I acquired my Lyman Spar-T which was also used.

    Even later I acquired a well used RCBS Rockchucker from the estate of our clubs secretary which is currently loaned out. I never had a problem with either of my Lee Presses. The Turret press is now rusty thanks to being stored in a damp warehouse............................ Thank you Lincs Police.

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