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Thread: Penrith area.

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    Penrith area.

    Will be staying in Penrith for the first week of November. Anybody know of any contacts for a good days stalking in that locality?

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    The best value and not far away;
    Good luck, bring some waterproofs!

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    Re: Penrith area.

    try jonathan standing hes a decent bloke with access to red roe and fallow fairly close to penrith

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    The Lowther estate has reds and roe.

    Look here

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    I am a regular stalker with Johnathan Standing spent two days out with him last week got to cracking stags. Hes a decent guy who i highly reccommend PM me if you wood like his number

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    Details sent to you by PM.

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    I can recommend Jonathan Standing too.He put me onto an 11 pointer last week and he's also a taxidermist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by latcheye
    I can recommend Jonathan Standing too..
    Make that another recommenation for Jonathan,

    Best rgds


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    And another - just back from 3 day's with Jonathan; 5 deer in the larder despite the wet weather. He's got a lot of high ground near Shap, plus woodland stalking for red deer close to Kendal.

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