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Thread: Pokiest little shoot ever!

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    Pokiest little shoot ever!

    Had to share these as without a doubt the most ridiculous bit of deer shooting I've done so far...

    Yep that's a high seat leaning against someones house... in their garden!

    8 attempts later I finally caught up with him by using a buttolo... "Oh, that's not the one we've been seeing eating the roses" (Bugger!)... at least now they're starting to rut I can call them in!
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    cracking job, aslong as its safe, happy shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    cracking job, aslong as its safe, happy shooting
    Well I guess I wouldn't admit it if it wasn't... but yeah it was the only safe places to shoot were where I shot him (a 6 foot gap between the greenhouse and the sun house) and in a ditch running along the front of the garden though that is quite close to the road.

    I debated whether to use heavy (100gn .243) or light (55gn) but took the view that a 100gn at 30yds is less likely to deflect so should end up in the lawn if I'm up a high seat. Probably got that all wrong but it works for me!

    I only have 2 small deer permissions of my own and they're both like this (though not as small) so I'm used to shooting like this. Not ideal though!

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    That's amazing is that very urban or is it a few rural houses together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    That's amazing is that very urban or is it a few rural houses together?
    More rural I guess, probably a few hundred houses along that road but they use this garden to cross onto the farm nearby on the other side of the road. It's very flat near me as on the coast so few people are interested in shooting it for safety reasons or due to licence restrictions. Had an RTA opposite a co op the other day!

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    Shooting down from highseat into soft soil sounds pretty safe to me. Nice buck too. In the word of Delboy "he who dares, wins"

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    Nice one!

    Fixed the pics for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Nice one!

    Fixed the pics for you.
    ​Thanks much appreciated

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    Haha brilliant!

    Like to see the feo pass that if you had got a closed ticket

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    Reminds me of some of my permissions.
    My best one so far was shooting and killing a Muntjac buck 7 meters from someones front door at 5a.m with an unmoderated .308
    In one house I had the deer would feed to within 1m of where the dogs chain used to end!!
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