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Thread: A big thumbs up to Rob at Monarch Country Products. Great Service

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    A big thumbs up to Rob at Monarch Country Products. Great Service

    It's not often I feel compelled to write on an open forum about great service or products that I use..............however!!!!

    I got my bino jackets from Rob at Monarch Country Products in hoping they would fit my Leica Geovid's 10x42. When they arrived they were ever so slightly too small as the neoprene did not cover all of the glass.

    I contacted Rob and explained what the issue was, the bino jackets needed to be 1" longer and they would have been a snug fit. I was only telling Rob this in case he ever wanted to make a larger size for other customers with larger binos. The bino jackets as they come are a great fit for my smaller Minox 8x42.

    Anyway, without any hesitation Rob contacted his manufacturer and got a "1 off" pair made for me. When they arrived I was expecting a prototype pair, but what I got was a identical copy of the original bino jackets but slightly larger to fir the Leica Geovid. Needless to say they have not been removed from my bino's since.

    When I have crawled through wet long grass and heather in the past, I would have had two choices 1) tuck the bino's in my jackets and then with my perspiration fog up the lens's. 2) Just crawl and let the bino's dangle in the grass or heather and get them wet. Both result in bino's that need to be wiped, which in the field can result in scratched lens's. Whereas now with the bino jackets I fasten the neoprene around the bino's and not worry if the glass will come into contact with water or any other foreign objects.

    In wet conditions they are great too, I took my stepdad out to shoot a muntjac last week, it was pouring with rain. The bino jackets kept my Leica's very snug and dry!!!

    To sum this all up, the bino jackets are a great design and something I believe all stalkers that care for their expensive bino's should have.

    A big thumbs up to Rob at Monarch Country Products.


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    I have had great service from monarch too they are pleasure to deal with

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    +1 on that i got the green cover for swar,o they are great peice of kit

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    I purchased a leather cover for my binos from Rob and explained I wasn't sure if they would fit. He said he was in the area and called in with the covers and fitted them to make sure they fitted. Top service we need more traders like this. I have recommended him to others and they have bought something from him.goes to show that a little help goes a long way

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    Rob, has provided excellent service to me and my family. He has helped my Mum and wife when buying prezzies for me. All products have been of th very best quality.

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    Rob has given me a very good service with all the products he sells, his service is second to none and you feel he treats you like family and is very prompt with delivers h

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    Superb service plan on getting a sika sack when my yool dies

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    Top man Rob I find him extremely helpful and he will have my business when I need anything.

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