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Thread: Scott Country Office Move - Important Update

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    Scott Country Office Move - Important Update


    We are soon to be moving into our new office, but today we have BT swapping over our phone lines and broadband lines so very soon our broadband will be down and our phone system will be diverted to mobiles.

    Should you place an order online today it MAY mean that it will not get processed until Monday, sadly an unavoidable issue with a new office build.

    Our new office is situated approx 30 metres behind our current office, which is being converted back to a town house by our director for residential use so our lovely new build office should be ready to move into soon. This will give us vastly increased office space, a new meeting room to demo equipment, and increased warehouse space enabling us to move forward in the future.

    We will have a temporary office set up on site for Monday, so systems SHOULD be back to normal.

    Essentially a member of staff is on hand by phone 9am till 5pm today, so should you wish to order, or have an email answered urgently please call 01556 50 3587 or 01556 50 3175 and it will be diverted to our mobiles.

    Sorry for the unavoidable inconvenience,

    Best Regards

    Scott Country Sales Team

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    It's very exciting, to go from a ground floor cramped office, to a super modern wireless everything office building.

    But yes its a big job!

    Be worth it in the end!

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    Good to hear someone is investing in Scotland!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Good to hear someone is investing in Scotland!!
    I thought Mr Trump was, golf courses and all that .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Country View Post
    today we have BT

    so systems SHOULD be back to normal
    Well it's good to stay positive I suppose!

    Good luck with the move guys, I'll share this on our Facebook page


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