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Thread: Guide 518C Thermal video of fox at 75 meters

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    Guide 518C Thermal video of fox at 75 meters

    I have a few videos of foxes, Badgers etc with my new Guide Thermal, Cracking piece of kit

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    Nice one

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    Thanks for the vid.

    I know the video is there to show the quality of the image, but it may be worth noting that it doesn't really demonstrate the way thermal monoculars are used in the field. They are superb for spotting quarry -and people who shouldn't be there- and save a great deal of the time and concentration otherwise dedicated to glassing by day or scanning with conventional NV by night. Once you have identified a target, though, that's it. You switch to your binos, monocular or scope for confirmation of the target, to check for obstructions -as intervening grass and trigs will often not show up in the thermal image- and ultimately for a shot, if a suitable one presents itself.

    I like the guide units very much as they give good definition and a brisk refresh rate, but I recently used a FLIR. This gave a blockier image with obviously stepped contrast and a slow 9Hz refresh rate. Nevertheless it was at least as good at indicating the presence of quarry, and only a little familiarisation was required to identify species -distinguishing woodcock from rabbits, for example, on a cow pasture.

    Additionally, the ability to set the unit to highlight the most intense few percent of the signal in red made it possible to make out otherwise invisible rabbits among the jumbled signals coming from the nettles, brambles and saplings in a wood (I think the latest Guides can do this too).

    Finally, a built-in red laser lets you indicate targets spotted to a shooter -you look through the thermal with one eye but keep the other open to "superimpose" the red laser dot on the image. The shooter does the same with his NV scope. IR lasers are also available, which may make the job easier still. All the same, it's a very quick way to get the shooter on target - and only a quick "blip" of the laser is needed, which didn't spook the rabbits we were after.
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