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    DMQ level 2

    Hi Guys
    My name is Joe i am an approved witness for DMQ Level 2.

    Pre - DMQ Level 2 Training - The training is designed to give all level 2 candidates a full understanding & awareness to carry out the safe shooting/stalking of deer

    stalking deer in a safe manner. approach deer after shot. follow up with trained dog if needed. initial carcass inspection, bleed & field gralloch. extraction & transport from field to larder. full carcass examination to prepair deer carcass to be fit for human consumption.

    Since you will be expected to demonstrate the whole process of culling a deer on at least 3 separate occasions DMQ strongly recommends that candidates obtain some experience under the guidance of a competent individual before attempting DSC2. Candidates are also advised to consult the Best Practice Guides

    Once the candidate feels they have gained the knowledge & experiance needed we will then progress to 3 accompanied sucsessfull stalks & completing their portfolio.

    For the more experianced stalker i have a range of packages to suit varying from morning / evening stalking, high seats, accompanied stalks, weekend breaks etc,.

    For more info prices etc please contact me on mobile: 07786 476 609 or e,mail or through Stalking Directory

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    Welcome Joe

    You are in good company!


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