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Thread: shooting times today

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    shooting times today

    Have people managed to read shooting times today <high profile stalker convicted of poaching > It makes an intresting read ! They were buisness partners so something has gone horribly wrong there for it to go to court ! intrested on peoples thoughts ?

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    Can you put the article up here please? I havnt bought it today so would be very interesting reading!

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    I wouldnt have a clue how to do that but i am sure somebody will be able to !

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    Got any names,

    I've heard a few stories recently -


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    Just gone out and bought it:-

    Derek Stocker from Somerset has been charged with 2006 Fraud Act and of poaching Deer under the 1991 Deer Act.

    Seems he ran " UK Deer Management Services" and on 22nd August 2008 took 3 paying clients to shoot muntjac at Kentwell Hall, Suffolk.

    He has been fined 100 and 300 compensation.

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    And he presumably lost his FAC?

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    Sorry doesn't say whether he has or not.

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    Doesn't say - only that he plans to appeal the conviction and that, until then, his NGO membership has been suspended, he has resigned from the NGO Deer Branch Committee and that he's been suspended as an assessor at BASC's Deer assessment centre.


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    The search comes up with this

    If you select the hunting selection, there's a picture on there which is the one they use on Fleebay to flog Muntjac stalking for 80 a pop.

    Makes you wonder how many times deer have been shot unlawfully by them?!

    - This is one of the stories l had heard about as a friend lives just up the road from where it happened and mentioned it had been in the paper when we were talking about looking for some stalking in Suffolk.

    Bet the clients got a serious rap on the knuckles too - armed tresspass at least -

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    Quote Originally Posted by sako85
    Derek Stocker from Somerset has been charged with 2006 Fraud Act and of poaching Deer under the 1991 Deer Act.
    Formerly of the Forstry Commission in a supervisory capacity? Left that employ rather quickly and without explanation? Do Leopards change their spots?

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